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Language Translation Services Company in Dubai
UAE Translator

UAE Translator offers 100%
human certified translation solutions
with complete accuracy, security and privacy

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Translation Services Dubai, UAE

We specialise in all types of language translation solutions as we have the most experienced native and certified translators. Our quality control department makes sure that you are going to get quality services with on time document delivery.

UAE Translator is your trustworthy certified translation company in Dubai, because we understand your language as it is. We know that language is the medium through which you communicate with your audience verbally or in writing. Problem occurs when you want to deliver your message or communicate with the people who are unfamiliar with your own language. We are a one stop choice for all type of translation in Dubai or interpretation services.

Whether it is a matter of translating a general document or medical, technical or a financial one; it can be certificate or even a website, we offer comprehensive language translation services in all the major languages; Arabic, Spanish, French, Urdu, Hindi, Tagalog, German, Tamil, English, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Bangla or Japanese. We have certified translators as well as offer multilingual SEO services and also provide urgent solutions for translation in Dubai. Our translation services Dubai refer to native certified translators who work with perfect time management and translate documents with absolute privacy. Comprehensive solutions to translation services Dubai, other emirates and for international market.

Translation in Dubai
Translation Services Dubai

Native Certified Translators

We translate general documents, medical, financial as well as technical ones. Moreover, we also provide solutions to multilingual websites and SEO services. And if you need one-on-one language interpreters for meetings and live events, as a translation company in Dubai, we can also arrange them for you as well. Our experts are skilled in translating the complex documents accurately. These can be technical reports, essays, web pages, scientific papers, contracts, proposals, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, medical documents, cover letters, autoresponder emails or business cards.

Wherever and whenever you need to translate documents, UAE Translator offers you 100% human certified translation solutions with superior quality and complete accuracy. We have comprehensive solution to all linguistic requirements weather its translation in Dubai or international target market.

What do we do at Translation Services Dubai, UAE

Among the 250+ languages that we translate, the core languages that gain a lot of attention and are most sought after make up our core translation in Dubai languages. These include Arabic, English, Hindu, Urdu, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, German, Chinese, Tamil, Polish, Banglan, Tagalog and Croatian among others.

Translation Company in Dubai


We have made English to Arabic or vice versa translation of your simple or complex documents easy and smooth.


Get instant translations of your documents from Spanish to English or vice cersa with full accuracy and privacy.


We offer you quick results as our native translators will translate your projects from German to English perfectly.


Let us translate your big or small projects from Italian to English or English to Italian on time without any error. Call us now.


Chinese to English translation is not your headache now. We translate your documents with complete satisfaction.


Our expert translators will translate Japanese to English or vice versa effectively. Our certified translators are here to help you.

Certified Translation is a document having a signature and a seal of the translator that makes it a legal record. For this, an authorized native translator is needed who assures that the translation has been done with accuracy and according to the linguistic norms.

If you want to make your medical report translated to consult a doctor abroad, then this is the right place for you. Our team of experts will translate all your medical reports with absolute perfection as they are fully aware of the medical language norms and terminologies.

Technical translation is not about a simple text but it involves in depth knowledge of certain linguistic norms and terminologies. These types of translation needs highly competent expert who will translate with utmost detail. And UAE Translator is the perfect place for you.

Business is about numbers and figures with perfect calculations. And if you are working in the international market then you must know the calculations in the language of your targeted country. We will provide you error-free and accurate financial translation services in Dubai, UAE.

We have a team of professional and native translators who can help you deliver your message to your customers and clients effectively. Our experts will resolve all your language barriers that may create problems for your business growth.

There are many times in which you may want an audio file in writing. This could be a telephone call, legal proceeding, video footage and corporate videos. In such cases you need a transcription service that will capture all the details in the audio or video file.

The need to get the message across accurately through your corporate video, entertainment, educational or informative video to a larger audience that includes people who do not speak the language used in the video necessitates subtitling.

Voice over translation is done when the text is converted to an audio file using professional voice over artists for multiple languages. On the other hand, dubbing services involve making sure that both the voice and the display or picture is in perfect harmony.

Website translation and localizations involves changing the source language of your web content, to the target language as well as adapting this content for local use, such that it appeals to the local customer’s language and cultural preferences.

As such, translation layout and artwork services are very important in the process of translation especially for the kinds of translation that require publication afterwards such as advertising translation and marketing translation among others.

To help you in translating your driver’s license, you require a trusted and reliable translation service that will do a professional job. Our firm is authorized to offer driving license translation in the target language, and hence you are assured of professional official service.


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UAE Translator has a vast experience of providing language solutions to the individuals, corporate and other non-profit organisations. As a professional translation company in Dubai, we have a team of native multilingual translators who can competently solve all translation problems with complete accuracy and privacy. Our team is ready to translate your documents right away as we deliver you superior quality service on time with complete satisfaction.

We will be pleased to answer all your queries and discuss the details. Our friendly customer support service is available 24/7 and ready to respond all inquiries.

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