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Tagalog Translation

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Whether you want English to Tagalog translation or Tagalog to English translation of your documents, UAE Translator has removed all your language limitations. There are almost 65 million Tagalog speakers in the world, who mainly reside in Philippines. While it is also spoken in United Arab Emirates, United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Guam, United Kingdom, Midway Islands and USA. Tagalog is the 40th most spoken language in the world.

Tagalog is nearly similar to Filipino, and belongs to the Austronesian family of languages, which is the world’s largest family and divide into Western and Central-Eastern groups. Tagalog belongs to the Western group and the earliest document dates back to 900 AD.

Doctrina Cristiana was the first book published in Tagalog. There are around seventy different dialects of this language. Before 17th century, Baybayin syllabic script was used for Tagalog inscriptions and after that Baybayin was replaced by Latin. Presently, Tagalog has twenty six Latin alphabets and it is also considered that Tagalog has borrowed almost 40% words from Spanish.

Tagalog Translation