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Japanese Translation

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UAE Translator has the most skilled native translators who convert your document from English to Japanese with complete accuracy. Japanese is not only spoken in Japan but almost 130 million people speak this language throughout the world. This is the reason Japanese has become the ninth biggest language of the world.

These countries include Australia, Argentina, America, Brazil, Canada, Belize, Germany, Dominican Republic, New Zealand, Peru, Guam, Micronesia, Northern Mariana Islands, Taiwan, Paraguay, Philippines, Mongolia, Panama, Mexico and Palau.

It is widely said that Japanese is associated with Chinese language, actually it is related to the Altaic family of languages. Mongolian, Korean and Turkic languages are belonged to this family. But it is also a fact that Japanese has adopted almost 50% characters from Chinese language. There are two ways of writing styles, one is western, which is written from top to bottom horizontally and the other is Japanese traditional way of writing characters. They are written from right to left in columns.

Japanese Translation


There are three different kinds of symbols to write Japanese language. Kanji are thousands of Chinese characters, Hiragana are 46 phonetic symbols that are smooth and used in grammar, while Katakana are other 46 phonetic symbols, which are in block style. Japanese language students need to learn almost 2,000 symbols that are different in sounds and meanings.