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italian translation

Italian to English or English to Italian translation is not a big deal now. UAE translator brings you the most skilled translators who deliver your projects on time with complete perfection. Italian is not only the official language of Italy and San Marino but in Vatican, it is used as the second official language besides Latin. While it is the official language of Switzerland as well.

Presently, almost 66 million people speak this language in the world. Italian speakers are mostly reside in Albania, France, Malta, Ethiopia, Croatia, Tunisia, Libya, Monaco, Somalia, Slovenia, Romania, Argentina, Australia and also in North and South America. Around 85 million people speak Italian.

Italian is in the group of ‘’Romance Language’’ and is considered to be the fourth most taught language in the world. Latin is the father of nearly all Romance Languages, while Italian is the closest because its dialect is derived from Proto-Romance or Vulgar Latin. Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli, Raphael, Titian are some of the famous Italian artists.

Italian Translation


There are three famous Italian writers who are called the ‘’three jewels’’. They are Dante Alighieri, writer of the famous Divina Commedia, Francesco Petrarca the poet and Giovanni Boccaccio who is famous for Decameron and On Famous Women.