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english translation

UAE translator has professional experts who have made English translation very easy. Whether your document is in Japanese or Russian, Tamil or Italian, you will get 100% human translation on time with full perfection. English has now become a bridge and made this world a global village. It is far more above a language as it is the mode of communication between people who do not have a common native language.

It belongs to the Indo-European family of languages and is associated with West Germanic branch. It has been divided into three distinct periods; Old English from 450 to 1100 AD, Middle English 1100-1500 AD and the Modern English started from 1500 AD. After Mandarin and Spanish, English is the third largest spoken language in the world.

English language is rich in literature and arts. Beowulf is an epic and considered to be the first English poem. There are so many renowned poets and writers whose work have filled this language with vibrant hues. Some of them are Geoffrey Chaucer, Edmund Spenser, William Shakespeare, Brontë sisters, Charles Dickens,Thomas Hardy, William Blake, Shelley, Keats and William Wordsworth.

English Translation