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English to Bangla translation of all your documents has become very simple and smooth. Whether they are technical documents of 10,000 words or a general document of just 100 words, our professional translators will resolve all your translation problems on time with complete accuracy.

According to a Bengali linguist, the history of this language dates back to 7th century ce, and is belonged to the Indo-European family of languages. It is similar to Hindi language and is written in horizontal rows from left to right like English.

There are various dialects of Bengali language. In India, people speak in different ways and styles and almost four different dialects are spoken only in Bangladesh. Kamrupa is spoken in northeastern Bangladesh, Pundra or Varendra belongs to northwestern Bengal, Radha is the dialect of West Bengal, while Bangla is spoken in rest of the country.

Bangla Translation


It is the seventh biggest language of the world. Presently, almost 300 million people speak modern Bengali who are mainly residing in Bangladesh and India, while Bengali speakers are also found in Australia, North America, Middle East and in England.